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The 41st Issue of INOVAX Has Been Released

Publishing with its rich content of science and technology, continuing on the date inovax Journal of Science and technology of Turkey the first Turkish Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi, who managed to fly in this issue, Turkey's first female medical doctor besides Safia Ali's biography, biotechnology, Artificial Transhumanizm unusual topics such as month and meeting his readers.
Turkey's journal of science and technology, published with its rich content, INOVAX' latest issue presents extraordinary topics such as biotechnology, artifical moon and transhumanism  as well as the biography of Hezarfen Ahmed Çelebi the first Turkish individual in the history who managed to fly and Turkey's first female medical doctor Safia Ali.
Also containing AKINSOFT-AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board Dr. Özgür AKIN's Article “4-legged ROBOT 'ARAT' in the field", the 41st issue of INOVAX is out.