AKINSOFT Activities

Technology Conversation Between Humanoid Robots named "AKINCI-4" and "Mini ADA"
AKINROBOTICS, "The Domestic robotics brand of Turkey“, which is frequently mentioned both in our country and in the international public opinion through its work in the field of robotic technologies, has added another new one to its successful activities. The humanoid robot "AKINCI 4" developed by AKINROBOTICS was introduced to the press with a revamped face and many new features added. In addition to being able to make human mimics with facial motors; AKINCI 4, which successfully performs movements such as walking, changing direction, climbing steps, attracted attention with its conversation with the robot Mini ADA, which is frequently on the agenda of the country in the recent period and is also produced by AKINROBOTICS. With this conversation between the humanoid robots named AKINCI 4 and Mini ADA, AKINROBOTICS has added another one to their firsts.