AKINSOFT Activities

Special Celebration to 8 March International Working Women's Day from AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS

"I wish a more equal, more beautiful and loving world dominated by respect for women, where women can live freely". I congratulate March 8, International Working Women's Day."

 AKINSOFT & AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board

AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, who are frequently mentioned with the importance of women in society and the care they show in women's employment in our country, March 08 International Working Women's Day Special for AKINSOFT Konya, Istanbul Plaza and AKINROBOTICS women employees, greeting card and flowers were presented as a gift by AKINSOFT & AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board Dr. Özgür AKIN's. On this special day, AKINSOFT & AKINROBOTICS employees, who could not hide their surprise in the face of this unexpected surprise, expressed their satisfaction, and they thanked AKINSOFT & AKINROBOTICS Chairman of the Board Dr.Özgür AKIN.