AKINSOFT is one of the pioneer software firms of our country and it has the principle of serving the best to customers with more than 2000 solution partners in 31 different country and more than 120 program archives.
Regarding starting mass production of Robotic Technology, it is the first association in Turkey and the world.
AKINSOFT WOLVOX ERP E-Business is a ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) software that is working integrated with production and financial system fundamentally.
AKINSOFT E-COMMERCE It is developed by AKINSOFT to provide online sales and satisfy the needs of all enterprises.
DAPROX AKINSOFT is a showcase where all web based programs come together and are presented to customers.
Internet Services Department allows you to host your website with the servers that have strong and unproblematic substructure. Besides, it provides operations of Domain Name Register.
It is a whole of electronic records (e-Agreement, e-Archive, e-Invoice, e-Notebook) includes the informations that are obligatory to record according to Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Commercial Law independently from frames of constitution.
DIGI Market
It is an online shop that the products (hardware, software, etc...) are sold near by AKINSOFT programs.
It is a AKINSOFT magazine that AKINSOFT Headquarters and Solution Partners works, AKINSOFT news, the development on technology, science and economy can be followed.
Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Application Center where is the place allow to see the works of AKINSOFT on Robotics Technologies that is are done by starting with the vision which is the only one in Turkey and makes you enjoy of getting service from the hands of the Waiter Robots ADA is included to AKINSOFT structure.
It is a AKINSOFT software that makes filtration operation for internet cafes, laboratories and is produced for restaurants, billiard and playstation saloons.
Free Computer
It is a department of AKINSOFT that make hardware (OEM part and computer) sales, consumables sales and give technical support (computer installment, trouble shooting and maintenance).
It is Marketing Department of AKINSOFT. They delivery the programs that are produced by programming department to end user with sales teams who are the unit of AKINSOFT Solution Partners (Distributors, Dealer, Region Dealers, Main Dealers, Sales Points) in Turkey and foreign countries.
Free Club
It is a membership system that is created by AKINSOFT. It provides members to have services and accommodation in the contractual enterprises and AKINSOFT Solution Partners with special discounts in Turkey and foreign countries.
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Özgür AKIN, PhD
AKINSOFT Chairman of Executive Board