AKINCI-2 Takes Ice Bucket Challenge to Support ALS Disease

The very first Turkish made humanoid robot, AKINCI-2 to draw attention on ALS disease completes ice bucket challenge and donates USD 100.

At this video AKINCI-2 says "Hello there everybody! This is Akinci 2. I am here to call your attention to ALS disease! According to bet I suppose to either pay USD 100 or pour a bucket full of ices from my head! Well, I decided to do both! Due to increase the awareness I challenge to ASIMO, HRP and PETMAN. Brrrr it is ice cold!" and pours a bucket of ice water over his head, nominates other robots ASIMO, HRP and PETMEN to extend the campaign.

AKINCI-2 in this way, takes leadership in holding social responsibilities in robotic technologies field.

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