AKINSOFT tries to increase awareness of technology and informatics in Turkey, along with its activities in Turkey tries to take its place on the globe. AKINSOFT is passionate about impactful robotic techologies and with this awareness AKINSOFT started R&D activities in Robotic Technologies field and now begins to take advantages of hard working and investments, announced its third humanoid robot AKINOID-3 (AKINCI-3) will release in near future.Authorities announced previously produced humanoid robots, AKINCI series and its third one will announce as AKINOID.

Recently produced AKINCI-3 structure is more closer to human, has learning ability with artificial intelligence and has gestures. Features such as mobility in the limbs, interact with people around and playing games displayed in published short introduction video. Activities in robotics field are not limited to this and simultaneously with AKINOID-3, Humanoid Waiter Robot R&D activities are being continued and it’s planning to be released on January.

AKINCI-1 can reply questions, able to do the math and can fulfill the commands. Apart from that he has the ability to simulating the human muscular system and movement. Turkey produced the first commercial mobile humanoid robot AKINCI-2 is able to stand on his feet, can walk, can define multiple objects by focusing on them, able to maintain the balance against physical impact from outside, perception of the environment as three-dimensional, can focus towards people located near, using his hands can grasp and hold objects, and can browse the encyclopedic database using the internet. AKINOID-3 (AKINCI-3) with more features will be with you in near future

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