Date :  December 7-14, 2009
 Editor :  AKINSOFT Headquarter
 Subject :  AKINSOFT Second Azerbaijan Feasibility Study
    TAKINSOFT by increasing successful service quality in all provinces of Turkey and extending its solution partner network in overseas is becoming global brand. AKINSOFT with partners in 11 countries is continuing its activities in Northern Cyprus, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Holland, Romania and Kazakhstan. AKINSOFT making a breakthrough in foreign trade field gives huge support to the Turkish economy.

AKINSOFT gained more solution partners in Azerbaijan after making a feasibility studies on December 19, 2008. AKINSOFT foreign trade manager Mr. Tuna Kelesh on December 7-14, 2009 visited Azerbaijan for second phase of feasibility studies and increased motivation of solution partners by visiting them on their offices. During this visit he arranged program training to partners and motivation seminars.