Period :  August 25, 2009
 Organizer :   AKINSOFT Headquarter
 Subject :  Robotics R&D started

   AKINSOFT has planned to start R&D activities for the project of robot manufacture in 2010. However, AKINSOFT superior performance has provided for implementing the project 1 year before its estimated time.

AKINSOFT, in service for 14 years at software industry, accomplished 2005 vision, hereby planned to realize successfully also the visions of 2010 and 2015. First published in 2009, INOVAX magazine, includes innovative technology news. AKINSOFT established its 2nd plaza in Istanbul aiming at connecting Asia and Europe. In November 2009, AKINSOFT has planned to start operations in Istanbul Regional Directorate, also foreign trade activities. AKINSOFT has implemented significant projects in 2009, finally started R&D activities for the project of robots manufacturing in 2010.

At press conference in AKINSOFT Headquarter, On August 25, 2009, according to the expression of Board Chairman of AKINSOFT, Mr. Ozgur Akin: "I was wrong about 1 year, AKINSOFT was established in 1995. We have identified our visions for 15-year but that successfully realized in 14 years. We have planned R & D activities for Robotics Technology would have started in 2010 but one thing that I was overlooked : the power of AKINSOFT family. Thus, this project have put into action 1 year earlier through power of AKINSOFT family. 14 years ago, people looked at us with a smile when we have mentioned about this project. Now we have achieved great success in 14 years that our vision of 2005 has been successfully accomplished. We have completed solution partnership structure, taken giant steps in the field of foreign trade and kept ahead in this way. By the establishment of 2nd plaza in �stanbul, foreign trade activities have got accelerated for Europe. Finally, in 2010 we planned to start the R & D activities in the field of Robotics technology, as well we have started that 1 year earlier.

In AKINSOFT Plaza, the hardware section in the area of 300 m� and the software section in the area of 100 m� constituted the Robotics department. Robotics Department includes 4 employee having professions of Computer Engineer, Computer Technician, Electrical Technician and High Computer Engineer." stated Mr. Akin. AKINSOFT is ready to accept job applications for Robotic Department. R & D activities for Robotics in the field of 2 prototype has been mentioned by Mr. Akin, also reflected that AKINSOFT has targeted for 2015 to maintain mass production for robots that would be in service for public institutions and organizations using the artificial intelligence software, would be served to park, garden, work as waiter in restaurants or help people at home as best supporter and serve humanity facilitating for human life. At the end of press conference; "Now we have accomplished our vision for robotics technology development 1 year earlier. In following 20 years, in case we would have completed the 2015 project for mass production of robots 2 years before time that would demonstrate the growth rate of AKINSOFT.� emphasized by Mr. Akin.