Date : February 04, 2012
Editor : Chip Computer
Subject : AKINSOFT Istanbul Regional Directorate Visit by N.Cyprus Distributor
Group : Foreign Trade
   AKINSOFT has focused on its actions of foreign trade at the Istanbul Regional Directorate, through this, increased up the number of solution partner day after day, as well carries on its business relations with the current partners. In this context, on February 04, 2012, AKINSOFT's Northern Cyprus Distributor, Chip Computer's owner, Mr. Huseyin Hekimoglu has visited Istanbul Regional Directorate. By having dinner after the visit, AKINSOFT's Research and Development Representative, Mr. Oktay Saray and AKINSOFT Foreign Trade Representative, Ms. Seher Akalin have shared information about current AKINSOFT programs with Mr. Huseyin Hekimoglu and they have determined about new strategies for the improvement of AKINSOFT Foreign Trade Policies.