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Site Management, Security, Fee Management, Execution Tracking, Check-Voucher, Cash, Bank, Cargo Tracking, Fixture, Facility Management, Site Membership


* In addition to being able to follow up members in the SiteCloud program, you can follow all the products purchased for the apartment / site.
* You can save time by transferring your members, current and dues registered in Excel at once.
* You can make online collections by credit card through the member panel.
* You can save the checks and promissory notes you give or receive to your members and cleints thanks to the Check / Voucher entries.
* Thanks to the visitor tracking feature, you can choose who came to the site by registering the people entering the site, so you can secure your site.
* Thanks to the shipping feature, you can record the incoming / outgoing cargo to the site, and thanks to the incoming / outgoing cargo report, you can report the sender recipient information, transaction dates and fee information.
* By registering fixtures, you can define apartment / site fixtures, and specify the properties of the fixtures you have created.
* You can report the receipt of the records and lists of the board of directors by adding the records of the meetings held on the site.
* Thanks to the request / suggestion feature, you can answer to residents by following the feedback from the residents.
* You can provide salary tracking of the staff working on the site, you can add the files of the staff.

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