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For all the CRM (Customer Relations Management) oriented businesses.


AKINSOFT WOLVOX CRM program is a part of WOLVOX ERP and fully integrated.



* By creating customer lists, multiple operations can be performed in list base.
* By creating campaign definitions, comparisons in amount base can be performed for the campaign plannings and results.
* By creating project and sales tracking records, you can link them with the existing campaigns.
* Sale and custom project record can be created special for the customers/potential customers
* Survey records can be created, survey entries can be made and survey reports can be taken
* Activity type, support type, notification way, support status, support priority and sector definitions can be created.
* Meeting, appointment, tasks to do and similar activities can be recorded through orginizer feature.
* You can view your agenda and you can watch on which day at what time you are busy.
* You can enable receiving audio and visual warning for your the activities before the time you have specified.
* You can record the technical support you have provided to your customer
* You can display on the same screen the campaigns your customers involved, service tickets they have received, maintenace services, invoices, delivery notes, offers and order forms
* You can create activity record by displaying seperately the client records and customer records from Wolvox Hotel program
* You can instantly create activity record for your customes calling through Caller ID Support
* You can report customer lists, campaigns, projects, sales monitors and activities.
* You can get various reports like Customer profitability, customer and product common relation, top selling products, cross sales, top selling customer in product base, top selling country, city, disctrict, top selling products in sales person base and etc.
* By applying customization to the various reports you can select the values you want to see and create different reports according to your need.

* Through Fully integrated ERP and General Accounting sytem, you can track the records you have entered from ERP without needing to re-enter them at General Accounting.
* Can be used MSSQL (can be used on Optimized MSSQL Server 2008 and above versions) and Firebird Database Systems.
* You can restrict diplaying and accessing the records in the systems with multiple branches by creating branch definitions.
* You can use compatibility feature for all the languages over the world through Unicode(Universal Coding Technique) support.
* You can display and operate on more than one window through MDI Technology.
* User specific menus can be created
* Quick access can be provided through customizable macro definitions and user defined shortcut supports
* You can create text customization in Company base (Wolvox 8 provides opportunity of more than one text customization feature for each company you have created)

Prices Calculate Price

Module Name List Price Campaign Price
Wolvox CRM Pack-1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Delivery, Offer, Order, CRM, Transfer, Analysis
1.452,08 $ 1.016,46 $
Wolvox CRM Pack-2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Delivery, Offer, Order, Card-Index File, Marketing, Bank, Service, CRM, Transfer, Analysis
1.972,50 $ 1.380,75 $


Start the Change With WOLVOX
End on: 30.06.2022
Start the Change With WOLVOX
Campaign is valid for all packages and modules of WOLVOX.
Prices are valid between 03 January 2022 - 30 June 2022.
Prices are for single user only.Your invoice will be delivered to you by AKINSOFT Solution Partner. (The program without invoice is NOT LICENSED.)
Special offer includes Professional License.
Our campaign prices are valid for overseas sales.

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