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Usage Areas

Front Office Accounting, Industries & Services, Banking & Finance, Construction & Mining, Consulting & Management, Exchange Offices, Textiles, Tourism, IT & ITC, Insurance, Agriculture, Jewelry, Food, Automotive,Transportation, Manufacturing


Client, CRM, Cash, Serial/Lot No, Warehouse, MRP II, Simple Production, Cheque/Voucher, Tube/Water, Invoice, Delivery, Offer, Order, Installment, Service, Bank, FOREX, Transfer, Analysis, Authorized, SMS, Notes, Help



Operations which can be done in program are as below;
* Taking advantage of supporting MSSQL (Optimization can be used on MSSQL Server 2008 version and upper versions) and Firebird database,
* Working with multiple users in offline mode,
* Taking advantage of supporting all languages in the world by unicode.
* Opening and working on windows more than one at the same time by MDI Technology,
* Creating dedicated menu,
* Accessing fast with customized macro definitons and user defined shorcuts,
* Customizing texts based on company (WOLVOX 8 enables to customize texts separately for each different company).

NOTE : Wolvox General Accounting, Ledger, Payroll, E-Invoice, E-Ledger modules are only available for the companies located in Turkey.

Supported Languages
English, Turkish, Azeri, Albanian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic

* Saving unlimited client card,
* Adding general informations, account informations, special discount, term, selection of stock price, authorized person, service information to client cards,
* Grouping clients as middle-group or sub-group,
* Autofilling country, city and county parts while creating client,
* Adding unlimited photo and file to client cards,
* Describing unlimited address for clients,
* Describing payment types as cash, POS, credit card and 5 different modes of payment additionally and ability to print receipts,
* Blocking sales when the limits that you specify are excessed,
* Describing accounts in foreign currencies for your client and tracking their transactions,
* Getting detailed client transaction report and printing account statements for your clients,
* Editing report designs as you wish,
* Getting information regarding averages of the payments are done from report with value-date,
* Getting reports in tree diagram by client custom reports,
* Printing address label,
* Checking how much premium marketeers get by marketeer premium reports,
* Making marketeers get premium according to sub-marketeers by chain marketing feature,
* Making your clients earn and use bonuses by defining bonus, specifying expiry date for them,
* Ability to get your own currency version of transactions that are in foreign currency by the feature of currency based balance list.

* Saving and setting alarm regarding on all appoinments, meetings, what to do list and etc.,
* Creating customer list for defined accounts,
* Describing campaign and sale opportunity for your customers,
* Recording technical supports that are given to customers,
* Following up surveys by recording,
* Displaying profitability reports based on customer or a group,
* Reporting products group which are sold most,
* Reporting customers which buy most.

* Recording all cashes in your enterprise,
* Users can use only the cash account which is defined yourself by authorizing user based,
* Transferring cashes from one cash account to another one by cash account transfer feature,
* Block the transactions by transfer of cash accounts without confirmation of user,
* Displaying net amount in your cash account by getting daily and general report,
* Counting cashes easily by bill counter feature.

* Saving unlimited stock,
* Grouping the stocks as group, middle-group or sub-group,
* Specifying special percentage like VAT for stock cards, making use of 85 no. tax assessment,
* Saving unlimited price list for stocks,
* Adding unlimited photo and file to stock cards,
* Specifying special premium rate or amount for marketeer,
* Specifying unlimited unit, check balances by this units,
* Checking how many stocks in which warehouse by integration of warehouse,
* Blocking to drop to below or pass the stock limits by specifying special limits,
* Blocking to sell the stocks which have minus value.
* Specify special discounts for stocks by advanced discount feature,
* Following up the stocks which is sold by serial no,
* Making default supplier assignment by specifying stock supplier,
* Entering values for checking quality control after production,
* Getting stock inventory,
* Report operation dates by stock reports,
* Specifying brand, model, color and size for your stocks,
* Grouping main stock and sub-stock, taking advantage of assortment system feature,
* Reporting blocked stocks,
* Counting stocks and taking inventory,
* Labelling for stocks,
* Specify description of services and getting service reports,
* Printing label manuelly or automatically from stock price list by creating package descriptions.

* Following-up the stocks by serial no,
* Calculating net amounts for stocks by following-up lot,
* Making in and out transactions with serial no from invoice collectively,
* Taking transaction reports with serial no,
* Labelling with serial no.

* Saving all warehouses that you use,
* Authorising based on users to access warehouse transactions,
* Transfering between warehouses individually or collectively,
* Taking warehouse transfer report or warehouse inventory,
* Adding warehouse map by describing location,
* Tracking products'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' locations by entering location transaction.

* Specifying working times for machines which in use for production,
* Specifying operations used for production step by step,
* Making production serially by creating prescription before production,
* Following-up loss of time during production,
* Following-up raw materials by control report.
* Creating operation of fason separation or combination,
* Following-up all production process by creating production order or production planning,
* Following-up production process schematically by getting gantt chart,
* Calculation of production costs by saving detailed wastages during production,
* Following-up quality of the products by quality control reports,
* Getting detailed reports for all descriptions,
* Calculating the productivity of personnels by personnel comparison reports.

* Creating prescriptions for productions, wastages and other costs can be reflected to the production,
* Following-up operations of production separation and combination,
* Arrange a manifacture for the main products have minus value,
* Getting reports for created productions.

* Decribing all cheque and vouchers that you give or take,
* Following-up all operations of payments for cheque or vouchers , collection, negotiation, ending bank and etc...,
* Saving cheque and vouchers collectively,
* Getting payment partially for surety bond,
* Printing vouchers serially,
* Getting report for all cheques and vouchers that you save,
* Getting report with calculated by value-date.

* Checking and following-up the sales and which customer has which product by editing tube/water receipt,
* Following-up which product is suitable for by specifying change descriptions,
* Following-up the stocks by transferring vehicle warehouses at operation of product loading,
* Checking the price difference after sales by getting current price and invocing operation can be done with current price,

* Saving invoice of cost, domestic sales, overseas sale, purchasing, domestic return from sale nd overseas return from sale,
* Designing invoices for printing,
* Adding stock and service to invoices,
* Make installment by hand or bank,
* Closing the invoice with many payment types by specifying close invoice descriptions,
* Calculating profit, loss and statistic of price for products in the invoice,
* Applying special discount for determined customers and stocks,
* Creating certificate of weight on invoice,
* Sending e-mail or SMS to the client about invoice details,
* Transferring stock from M.S. Excel or Open Office into invoice,
* Coping invoice,
* Getting report based on invoice,
* Printing invoices collectivelly.

* Creating delivery note for trasferring stocks between your branches,
* Invoicing your delivery notes individually or collectively,
* Getting warning the delivery notes that are not invoiced within 7 days,
* Updating prices collectively for stocks that are used in delivery notes, invoicing them by different prices,
* Coping delivery notes,
* Getting report of delivery notes that are saved before.

* Saving given/received domestic and overseas offer,
* Blocking products which are added to offer and tracking the amounts,
* When time is up for pending offers, all the blocked and amounts written off change back,
* Transferring offers to invoice or delivery note individually or collectively.

* Saving given/received domestic and overseas orders,
* Creating unlimited order status descriptions and warning system for status descriptions,
* Products which is added to received order keep as blocked,
* Products which is added to given order keep until deadline,
* Transferring orders to invoice or delivery note individually or collectively,
* Tracking deficient and surplus deliveries,
* Transferring to orders the products which is decreasing by using purchasing request screen,
* Transferring the products between branches by transferring request,
* Reporting stock order list and all saved orders,
* Sending SMS and e-mail to customers about status changes,
* Getting report based on account or stock.

* Tracking payments by creating installment plan for your customers,
* Tracking layaways are done,
* Applying delay fine for delaying payments,
* Creating warning system for delaying installments,
* Printing voucher serially,
* Printing aggrements and receipt of payment,

* Creating service ticket for all given/taken products and services,
* Getting warning for creating appointments,
* Getting warning for maintenance dates by editing maintenance contract,
* Saving recipient, deliverer, delivery date, product information, declared malfunctions, operations are done in service slips,
* Getting personnel work load reports by selecting personnel and vehicle,
* Sending SMS and e-mail to customers about status changes by describing status changes for service slips,
* Transferring service tickets to invoice or delivery note individually or collectively,
* Describing service packages,
* Getting report for all service slips,

* Saving all banks, sub-accounts, POS, credit cards, cheques and voucher that you work with,
* Making description for delay interest, tracking provision deduction by describing installment number for POS descriptions,
* Transfer operations between banks and cashboxes,
* Tracking bank statement of your credit cards,
* Getting report of POS and provision,
* Calculating credits and tracking credit usage,
* Getting bank reports,

* Specifying all foreign currencies that you use,
* Updating daily forex rate via Central Bank,
* Getting report of past forex rates,
* Tracking the transaction in foreign currency,
* Reporting equivalent of different foreign currencies by using cross rate application,

Prices Calculate Price

Module Name List Price Campaign Price
Wolvox Pack-1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Analysis
356,67 $ 267,50 $
Wolvox Pack-2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Analysis
459,17 $ 344,38 $
Wolvox Pack-3
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Delivery, Offer, Order, Analysis
794,17 $ 595,63 $
Wolvox Pack-4
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Delivery, Offer, Order, Foreign Exchange, Warehouse, Bank, Analysis
1.134,17 $ 850,63 $
Wolvox Pack-5
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Delivery, Offer, Order, Foreign Exchange, Warehouse, Bank, Card-Index File, Marketing, Simple Production, Serial No, Installment, Service, Analysis
1.925,83 $ 1.444,38 $
Wolvox Production Management SME
Module Contents
Client 1&2 , Cash, Stock 1&2, Warehouse, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Delivery, Offer, Order, Check-Voucher, Installment, Foreign Exchange, Bank, Card-Index File, Analysis CRM, MRP II, Human Resources, Payroll, Attendance Track
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Wolvox Production Management PRO
Module Contents
Client1&2,Cash,STK1&2,Warehouse,Invoice,Delivery,Offer,Order,Check-Voucher,Installment,Foreign Exchange,Bank,Marketing,Card-Index File,Analysis,E-Commerce,CRM,MRP II,G.ACCT,Declaration,Fixture,H.R, Payroll, Attendance,Job APP,Visitor
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Wolvox Production Management TYCO
Module Contents
CLNT1&2,Cash,STK1&2,WHSE,Invoice,DEL,Offer,Order,Check-Voucher,INST,FX,Bank,MKT,Card-Index File,ANAL,E-Commerce,Simple Prod.,Serial No,SVC,Bonus,CRM,MRP II,Mobile Sales,G.ACCt,DECL,Fixture,H.R,Payroll,ATTND,Job APP,Visitor,H.R.Web
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Accountant Pack-1
Module Contents
Client, Ledger, Fixture,Payroll, Declarations, Fiscal Reports
724,17 $ 543,13 $
Accountant Pack-2
Module Contents
Stock, Client, Ledger, Fixture,Payroll, Declarations, Fiscal Reports
814,17 $ 610,63 $
Wolvox Mobile Sale Pack 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Mobile Sales PDA, Marketing, Warehouse, Analysis
877,50 $ 658,13 $
Wolvox Mobile Sale Pack 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Stock 2, Invoice, Delivery, Mobile Sales PDA, Marketing, Warehouse, Analysis
1.113,33 $ 835,00 $
Wolvox Restaurant Lite
Module Contents
Client 1, Stock 1, Restaurant Lite, Analysis, Max. 30 Table
346,67 $ 260,00 $
Wolvox Restaurant Management 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Bank, Orders, Analysis
911,67 $ 683,75 $
Wolvox Restaurant Management 2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Bank, Simple Production, Orders, Analysis
1.217,50 $ 913,13 $
Wolvox Restaurant Management 3
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Delivery, Order, Bank, Simple Production, Foreign Exchange, Orders, Analysis
1.576,67 $ 1.182,50 $
Wolvox CRM Pack-1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Delivery, Offer, Order, CRM, Analysis
2.664,17 $ 2.664,17 $
Wolvox CRM Pack-2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Delivery, Offer, Order, Card-Index File, Marketing, Bank, Service, CRM, Analysis
3.471,67 $ 3.471,67 $
Wolvox Barcode Sales Pack-1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Barcode Sales, Analysis
420,00 $ 315,00 $
Wolvox Barcode Sales Pack-2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Bank, Label, Barcode Sales, Analysis
591,67 $ 443,75 $
Wolvox Tube/Water Packing
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, LPG-Water, Analysis
455,83 $ 341,88 $
Wolvox Hotel Management 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Banking, Hotel, Analysis
1.344,17 $ 1.008,13 $
Wolvox Hotel Management 2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Banking, Foreign Exchange, Restaurant, Hotel, Analysis
1.671,67 $ 1.253,75 $
Wolvox Service Management 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Offer, Sevice, Analysis
669,17 $ 501,88 $
Wolvox Service Management 2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Offer, Foreign Exchange, Bank, Card-Index File, Service, Analysis
1.071,67 $ 803,75 $
Wolvox Market Management 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Cash Register, Bank, Analysis
628,33 $ 471,25 $
Wolvox Market Management 2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Delivery, Order, Foreign Exchange, Warehouse, Bank, Card-Index File, Analysis
1.244,17 $ 933,13 $
325,00 $ 243,75 $
Client 1
149,17 $ 111,88 $
Client 2
149,17 $ 111,88 $
95,00 $ 71,25 $
Stock 1
149,17 $ 111,88 $
Stock 2
179,17 $ 134,38 $
162,50 $ 121,88 $
Location Management
253,33 $ 190,00 $
200,83 $ 150,63 $
E-Invoice Inbox - Only for Turkey
433,33 $ 325,00 $
213,33 $ 160,00 $
e-Delivery Note Inbox - Only for Turkey
433,33 $ 325,00 $
172,50 $ 129,38 $
357,50 $ 268,13 $
172,50 $ 129,38 $
170,83 $ 128,13 $
213,33 $ 160,00 $
213,33 $ 160,00 $
Exchange Office
150,83 $ 113,13 $
191,67 $ 143,75 $
Banking Data Import
650,00 $ 487,50 $
Serial/Lot No-Guarantee
150,83 $ 113,13 $
172,50 $ 129,38 $
Network Marketing
948,33 $ 711,25 $
348,33 $ 261,25 $
Card-Index File
95,00 $ 71,25 $
734,17 $ 550,63 $
Restaurant Lite
280,00 $ 210,00 $
Restaurant Lite Extra Table
86,67 $ 65,00 $
Prepaid System
107,50 $ 80,63 $
Bonus System
139,17 $ 104,38 $
165,00 $ 123,75 $
Cash Register-POS Integration
260,83 $ 195,63 $
Web Module
453,33 $ 340,00 $
Simple Production
338,33 $ 253,75 $
1.511,67 $ 1.511,67 $
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Promotion Management
357,50 $ 268,13 $
Document Management
325,00 $ 243,75 $
İmport Management
433,33 $ 325,00 $
Contract Manufacturer Tracking
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Barcode Sales
105,83 $ 79,38 $
Module Contents
50 Rooms Included
720,00 $ 540,00 $
Extra Rooms
Module Contents
Note: [50] Rooms/Pack
200,00 $ 150,00 $
Branch System
241,67 $ 181,25 $
Offline Mode
Module Contents
This module needs Branch System with Restaurant
357,50 $ 268,13 $
Online Process Center
Module Contents
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