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Usage Areas

Hotel, Residence, Guest Houses or similar places


Room Definitions, Reservation Table, Accommodation List, Tariff Record, Scene Definition, Concept Record, Housekeeper Report, SMS, Notes


* Enter reservations quickly and easily,
* Assign a reservation that is pending as confirmed,
* List empty, vacancy, blocked rooms through the rack screen,
* Foreign currency exchange and reporting,
* Record contract information as file,
* Get detailed reports for all recorded reservations,
* End of day reports

Prices Calculate Price

Module Name List Price Campaign Price
Wolvox Hotel Management 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Banking, Hotel, Transfer, Analysis
1.245,42 $ 871,79 $
Wolvox Hotel Management 2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Banking, Foreign Exchange, Restaurant, Hotel, Transfer, Analysis
1.577,92 $ 1.104,54 $


Start the Change With WOLVOX
End on: 30.06.2022
Start the Change With WOLVOX
Campaign is valid for all packages and modules of WOLVOX.
Prices are valid between 03 January 2022 - 30 June 2022.
Prices are for single user only.Your invoice will be delivered to you by AKINSOFT Solution Partner. (The program without invoice is NOT LICENSED.)
Special offer includes Professional License.
Our campaign prices are valid for overseas sales.

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Download & Install Information (AKINSOFT Wolvox Hotel)

Install Information: It will be installed with a helper program called "Wolvox Installer". Download the file and open it via a helper program (eg Winzip) that opens the .zip files. Run the Setup file and follow the instructions. You can register by filling out Demo Request or you can reach the nearest AKINSOFT Solution Partner.

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