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Usage Areas

Enterprises willing to control and monitor their staff


Payroll, Attendance, Job Application, Staff Track, Online HR, Payroll, Training


Program Essentials
* Custom Report
* Authorized Staff Definitions
* Staff Scoring & Evaluating
* Visitors & Guests Trackings
* Staff Files & Cards definitions
* Past & Present Payroll Controls
* Staff Task & Responsibilities Definitions
* Staff Rewards & Penalties Data Tracking
* Job Leaves & Work Information Tracking
* Legal & Administrative Position Change Tracking
* Files for Individual photos, notes, etc, Create Possibilities
* Address book with unlimited information storage Possibilities
* Staff Grouping & Sub-Grouping with assigned responsibilities
* Evaluating upon education, abilities, experience

Supported Languages
English, Turkish, Azeri, Albanian, Dutch, Russian, Arabic

Program Compatibility
* Full compatible with Wolvox ERP Front Office Accounting Program
* Full compatible with Fingerprint and Proximity based devices
* Full compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

Prices Calculate Price

Module Name List Price Campaign Price
283,33 $ 212,50 $
Attendance Track
401,67 $ 301,25 $
Extra Staff
Module Contents
Note : [50] and multiples
84,17 $ 63,13 $
Job Application Track
225,83 $ 169,38 $
Visitor Track
165,83 $ 124,38 $
HR Web Module
210,00 $ 157,50 $


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Download & Install Information (AKINSOFT Wolvox Human Resources)

Install Information: It will be installed with a helper program called "Wolvox Installer". Download the file and open it via a helper program (eg Winzip) that opens the .zip files. Run the Setup file and follow the instructions. You can register by filling out Demo Request or you can reach the nearest AKINSOFT Solution Partner.

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