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For any field service businesses such as auto detailing, major appliance and so on.


AKINSOFT WOLVOX Service Management is a part of WOLVOX ERP and fully integrated.


* Specify a fixed transaction fee by defining the transactions and services you provide,
* Define the brands and products and add them to your current customers, and specify which products you can receive service from,
* Define service receipt status, enable automatic sending of e-mail / SMS to current customers in case of status changes,
* Define service packages, specify the actions to be taken when the defined packages are used and the spare parts to be used,
* The service can make vehicle definitions and determine the vehicle responsible,
* Report the workload of the personnel in charge of the vehicle, and adjust the work plan according to the personnel and vehicle workload,
* Select groups in service receipts and benefit from these groups in reporting by creating service groups,
* Specify external service operations, (if the service is provided in a business other than your business)
* Print entry and delivery minutes,
* Benefit from maintenance date warnings by issuing a service maintenance contract.

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Module Name List Price Campaign Price
Wolvox Service Management 1
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Offer, Sevice, Transfer, Analysis
652,50 $ 456,75 $
Wolvox Service Management 2
Module Contents
Client 1, Cash, Stock 1, Invoice, Check-Voucher, Offer, Foreign Exchange, Bank, Card-Index File, Service, Transfer, Analysis
1.051,67 $ 736,17 $


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Start the Change With WOLVOX
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Prices are valid between 03 January 2022 - 30 June 2022.
Prices are for single user only.Your invoice will be delivered to you by AKINSOFT Solution Partner. (The program without invoice is NOT LICENSED.)
Special offer includes Professional License.
Our campaign prices are valid for overseas sales.

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