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For all restaurants that want to take order on the internet.


Order, account, address descriptions, order tracking, restaurant management section, branch and neighborhood definitions, Wolvox Restaurant integration


Interface Usage
* Interface that you can easily order and track,
* Items are listed as related categories are clicked and can be informed about the item by using images.
* If the branch is defined, the branch to be ordered is selected in the beginning.
* Defined extra options can be specified at the time of ordering.
* Added products in the cart and price are displayed in the homepage without entering the details of the cart.
* Quickly sign up and complete your order.
* Payment during delivery.
* Multiple addresses can be defined.
* Order can be sent to the preferred address from the recorded ones.
* If there is a special request about the order , it can be specified by entering the order note.
* Order statuses can be tracked.
* Past orders can be reported and the same order can be re-ordered if preferred.
* Unapproved orders can be cancelled by the visitor.
* Items can be displayed as a list.
* Password reset can be done via e-mail.

Category and Product Management
* You can define the categories you want to show your products on your site.
* By adding images for categories, you can ensure that your customers have an idea about the items in the category.
* By category sorting, you can set page layout according to importance of categories.
* So your customers can access your items much more easily.
* You can record all of the items you sell on your site without any limit.
* You can save the sales prices of your items, you can add different prices for different units.
* Discount rates can be specified for on sale items.
* You can add images of your items.
* You can make the status of items that you no longer sell passive.
* You can make your items appear in the "Most Popular" list.
* You can define extras that you present with the item, you can make it a required selection.
* You can associate extra definitions with items or save them as free data.
* A maximum number of extra options can be specified to be selected.
* You can provide information about the product by typing in the description field.
* You can assign different prices to the items for your branches.
* You can ensure that items are only displayed in the branches you specify.

Order Tracking - Reports
* Quickly report pending orders created by your visitors.
* Orders placed from the site interface will drop to your panel within 10 seconds.
* You can confirm the status of orders.
* You can easily change the statuses of the approved orders as Preparing, Left, Delivered, Cancelled.
* You can check if an additional note entry has been made during order creation and you can consider the note when preparing the product.
* You can process your order delivery by displaying the payment method (cash, credit card, etc.) requested by your customer.
* You can report delivered and cancelled orders by using order reports.
* You can inquire the order by order code, amount, order date, etc through quick search.

Company - Admin
* Address, phone, etc. of the company can be specified.
* For the companies operating branches, it can be provided to select branch-district in the interface.
* Connections can be made for Site Title, Footer Text, Facebook Account, Twitter Account, Google Plus Account, Instagram Account, Youtube Account.
* Limit for minimum order amount can be specified.
* Selection for sales with different currencies.
* Branches can be defined up to the number of licensed branches.
* Branches can track their orders according to the authorities.
* Panel administrators can be defined and authorized.

Members - Reservations
* Accounts that are created from the interface can be listed.
* Status of account can be easily made passive.
* It can provided to track reservations from mobile phone.
* You can report the ratings of presentation, taste, speed, cleanliness etc. from the mobile phone.

Prices Calculate Price

Module Name List Price Campaign Price
Online Order System
Module Contents
Branch / Per Year
132,00 $ 132,00 $
Call Center System
Module Contents
Branch / Per Year
38,00 $ 38,00 $
Franchise System
Module Contents
Branch / Per Year
57,00 $ 57,00 $
IOS and Android Mobile Order Application
Module Contents
300,00 $ 300,00 $

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