AKINSOFT Wolvox Barcode Sales 8.08.02 release! 25.11.2020

Shops, Canteens, Gas Station Stores

AKINSOFT Wolvox Hotel 8.08.01 release! 24.11.2020

Hotel, Residence, Guest Houses or similar places

AKINSOFT OctoCloud 1.02.47 release! 18.11.2020

Take your Pre-Accounting jobs to the cloud with OctoCloud, enjoy the advantage of accessing it anytime, anywhere.

AKINSOFT ProCoiffeur 1.02.05 release! 18.11.2020

It appeals to all hairdressers and beauty centers. Move your reservation jobs to the cloud and enjoy the advantage of accessing them whenever you want.

AKINSOFT Wolvox Human Resources 8.12.04 release! 16.11.2020

Enterprises willing to control and monitor their staff

AKINSOFT Wolvox Restoran 8.14.01 release! 16.11.2020

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Hotels and Subway Shops

AKINSOFT Wolvox ERP 8.18.01 release! 03.11.2020

Front Office Accounting, Industries & Services, Banking & Finance, Construction & Mining, Consulting & Management, Exchange Offices, Textiles, Tourism, IT & ITC, Insurance, Agriculture, Jewelry, Food, Automotive,Transportation, Manufacturing

AKINSOFT Wolvox Data Transfer 8.06.06 release! 15.10.2020

All businesses that want to receive data from 3rd party software that they currently use and send data to them.

AKINSOFT Wolvox WebConnect 8.05.08 release! 22.09.2020

Allows you to use Client, Cash, Stock, Invoice, Order, Service, Delivery, E-Offer, Foreign Currency, End of Day and Restaurant reports via web and mobile.

AKINSOFT HIPPOCRATES 5.02.12 release! 22.09.2020

Patient tracking program suitable for all doctors

AKINSOFT SiteCloud 1.07.02 release! 17.06.2020

AKINSOFT, site, site management, site management software, apartment management, dues tracking, apartment program, site program, e-site manager program, cloud site program, cloud e-site, site online payment, site entry and exit, site cargo tracking

AKINSOFT QrMenu 1.02.01 release! 06.06.2020

With AKINSOFT QR Menu Program, New Generation QR Code Menu System for Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels, you can use your menu to display your products on the mobile devices of your customers by moving your menu to the digital environment.

AKINSOFT Wolvox General Accounting (TRNC) 8.03.05 release! 27.01.2020

Multiple user Accountant Office Software.

AKINSOFT CafePlus 12.02.04 release! 05.08.2019

Cyber Cafes, Restaurants, Billiards Halls, Game Centers

AKINSOFT E-OFFICE 3.06.02 release! 29.05.2019

Office, Clubs, Societies, Home Transactions & Automation

AKINSOFT RealEstate 5.03.11 release! 19.04.2019

AKINSOFT Real Estate Program is suitable for real estate agencies, realty companies, the offices that purchase and sell land, house, workplace.

AKINSOFT Wolvox Gate Screen 8.02.04 release! 05.03.2019

All enterprises willing to monitor and track Visitors & Staff

AKINSOFT KeyBox Password (IOS) 1.02.04 release! 07.03.2018

Store Password & Account Info with 1 Single Password