Liza Flower is the reflection of high performance of AKINSOFT and grows in parallel with the success chart of the AKINSOFT Staff. Liza Flower which does not need any special effort to grow up is given as a gift to the staff on their first work day and it grows in parallel with the success of the staff.

A loyal friend burgeoning with success, AKINSOFT Liza Flower

It was standing quietly in the corner and watching us. It had been waiting for the power that made it feel happy and grow up against forlornness and indifference. It is the friend of the Blue Power that is always with it. The life story of this loyal friend witnessed the success story started in a few m² office is the most vivid example of what success can do.

This loyal friend of success is “AKINSOFT Liza Flower “ that succeeds in drawing people's attention with its story. It is the Liza Flower that has been accompanied our successes without losing any hope, wraped not only its flowerpot but also the people who fell in love with AKINSOFT. It is the most important witness of burgeoning success of AKINSOFT, surprises people with a 26-year life story from the first day of it.

Liza Flower decorated the table of first computer of Senior Computer Engineer Ozgur AKIN, PhD The Chairman of the Board of AKINSOFT and the builder at the same time in 1988. It passed to a tiny room where AKINSOFT found life in April 12, 1995. It was the first one that proudly adopted the tiny and dark office which would shape the future technology and open a new road.

As AKINSOFT Family, we do not believe that Liza is a normal flower. It does not need water, food or sun like the others. The most important nutrition of Liza is success. It standed strictly without any sunlight from 1995 to 2002, can you imagine this ? How could a flower live for 7 years far away from the window not seeing the sunrise ? Blue power has to be felt to understand this surprising flower. Liza witnessed the rapid rising of AKINSOFT from 2002 to 2008 and was together with Ozgur AKIN,PhD, the builder of AKINSOFT between 1998 and 2008. Ozgur AKIN, Builder of AKINSOFT realized that Liza had been with him for 20 years witnessed every moment and was surprised how Liza bloomed like pearls. At that moment AKIN understood that Liza was the flower of AKINSOFT, grew much more during the peak periods of AKINSOFT and walked with AKINSOFT without giving up. Liza never lost faith in AKINSOFT that would lead the future of technology. Years passed, While AKINSOFT was adding a new success to the others, Liza's branches were being fulled with spectacular fragrant flowers like pearls.

Seedlings from Liza were begun to be planted in flowerpots in the spring of 2008. Liza was decorating the tables of all employees and it was opening its arms much more according to the success of the AKINSOFT employees and huging AKINSOFT lovers. Colorful flowerpots were specially designed for Liza in the spring of 2009 and all AKINSOFT employees planted their Lizas in new flowerpots by themselves. Liza gained a totally new look and gave a different energy to the AKINSOFT employees. Spiritual value of Liza flower began after this period. Liza was growing in direct proportion with the performance of the staff whose table was decorated with it.

Flower of high-perfomance employee was growing more than low-performance employee. Liza found everything it needed in success and performance. Besides, Liza showed different growth according to the characteristics of employees; roots and bodies were grown in some flowerpots, branches in some and flowers in some others. AKINSOFT employees sincerely believed that the flower grew with their performance. They realized the new stool or flower after a successful project and saq the reflection of their success in their flowers by saying “Yes, I did it!'”.

Liza flower holds a mirror to the past with what it experienced and witnessed for 28 years (1988). It continues to witness the success of AKINSOFT by decorating AKINSOFT Konya Plaza and AKINSOFT İstanbul Plaza. It was in the single flowerpot for 20 years until 2008, but in the 8 years it gave more than 100.000 new stools by adding an incredible rate to growth through the performance of AKINSOFT employees. Liza flower is also given as a gift to AKINSOFT Solution Partners by Ozgur AKIN, PhD, The Chairman of the Board of AKINSOFT during Bonus Award Presentation and Holiday Organizations held in every year.

Liza continues to decorate the tables of AKINSOFT family with “Performance Flower” title by the power of success and now is gifted in small stools as the symbol of AKINSOFT. The story of perseverance of Liza Flower will make it be known in the whole world soon and people will follow their performance through Liza Flower.

Liza Flower is given as a gift to everyone visits AKINSOFT Headquarters.