How about taking your place in Turkey's largest IT family?

Besides ERP, Accounting, Sectoral, Cloud, e-Transformation and many sector-specific solutions, AKINSOFT, which is the leader in robotic technologies with its AKINROBOTICS brand, opens the doors of a new world to you.

AKINSOFT Solution Partnership Advantages

As AKINSOFT Solution Partner, you will find the opportunity to enter many sectors by gaining from the wide range of products offered by AKINSOFT. With different licensing models, you can gain both high profitability and regular income. In addition to software sales, you can earn additional and periodic benefits from the sales of various services or products. Besides, you can get many awards by taking part in the bonus system developed based on performance.

Dealer (BY)
Definition: The firms which market AKINSOFT products in their countries within AKINSOFT Headquarters and Distributor (if it is available) knowledge.

Authority:Dealers can make activity of marketing, education and support within their upper unit knowledge for end user.

Conditions for Dealer:

1. Software Sales Certificate,
2. Stable address (min 50 m²),
3. Business experience at sector of information technology,
4. At least one (1) vehicle with AKINSOFT stickers for techical service (Optional),
5. Minimum one (1) computer which AKINSOFT Software and Programs installed
in order to provide technical support for customers,
6. An available website on which AKINSOFT featured on the main page and the subpage.
7. Minimum two (2) technical employee, authorized for Purchase and Sale of Software
and programs. Expenses and all legal liabilities must be covered by the Solution Partner,
8. At least one (1) phone/fax number of AKINSOFT Solution Partner,
9. An active internet connection and e-mail address.

If you want to become a dealer of AKINSOFT, click the link below.

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Distributor (DT)
Definition: The firms which are authorized by AKINSOFT to deliver AKINSOFT products to end users and AKINSOFT dealers and to provide technical support in their countries.

Authority: Distributors are authorized to give dealership as long as they meet the requirements. The firms that are presented for dealership must be compatible with standards and be approved by AKINSOFT Headquarters. All dealership processes will be applied by AKINSOFT Headquarters.

Conditions For Distributorship:

It depends on region. For more information, click the link below and fill the form. AKINSOFT Foreign Trade Department will contact you.

Click For More Information About Distributorship