Hotel Runner is a cloud based online sales management and digital marketing platform. At the same time it is a marketplace that brings hotels, travel agencies and service providers together. Thus, while users market their facilities to various travel agencies, both parties increase their online visibility and can purchase various services or services they need.

As a result of cooperation with this company which is integrated with nearly 150 booking sites like booking.com :

* Hotels that use AKINSOFT Wolvox Hotel 8 program, will be able to follow and process booking requests on the program instantly.

* AKINSOFT Wolvox Hotel 8 customers wishing to benefit from the HotelRunner Integration, have to purchase the HotelRunner module in Wolvox Data Transfer program and monthly subscribe HotelRunner Plus package.

* Customers who subscribe HotelRunner Plus will be charged for 1% service cost per month. It is calculated based on total cost of all online reservations (imported reservations inc.) including your direct channels (your booking module and your Facebook page) and monthly service cost will be transferred to HotelRunner. In case you don't receive any online reservation in one month or service cost of 1% don't reach the minimum payment amount of 9,95 $ after calculating online reservations you received in a month, you are billed for remaining amount by HotelRunner. Since the HotelRunner Plus package is a monthly subscription, the customers can leave the system for any month they wish.

* AKINSOFT Wolvox Hotel 8 customers who purchased the HotelRunner module in our Wolvox Data Transfer program and subscibed HotelRunner Plus package will be able to benefit from the services included in the HotelRunner Plus package below:

  • -Free Website
  • -Free Booking Module
  • -Free Facebook Page
  • -Booking Module – Language Package
  • -Booking Module – Customization
  • -Booking Module – Social Promotions
  • -Booking Module– Campaigns
  • -Booking Module – Packages and Extras
  • -Booking Module – Coupon Codes
  • -Booking Module – Google Analytics
  • -Booking Module Module – Advanced Price Management
  • -Payment Systems Integration Package (Supports 1 Bank Integration)
  • -Free Channel Manager (Free Channels)
  • -Premium Channel Manager (Premium Channels)
  • -Group Hotel Management
  • -Guest Relations Module
  • -Mobile Application
  • -Possibility of adding unlimited number of rooms
  • -Possibility of unlimited number of Channel Connections

Channel Manager

  • a. Free channels
  • b. Holiday rent channels
  • c. Premium channels
  • d. Advanced Rate Management
  • e. Possibility of unlimited number of Channel Connections


  • a. Template Website
  • b. Mobile Website
  • c. Mobile Bookings
  • d. Customization
  • e. Google Analytics Integration
  • f. Multiple Language Support

Booking Button / Booking Widget (Window Item)

  • . Promotions
  • . Facebook Page Booking Button
  • . Social Promotion
  • . Coupon Codes
  • . Opportunities
  • . Packages and Extras
  • . Possibility of Payment Tool Integration

Non-Covered Services in Offered Package

  • -Competition Tracking
  • -Online Marketing and SEO