AKINSOFT Personal Data Protection Policy

In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and the applicable legislation, The aim of this article is to inform our users about the collection, usage and processing of the data obtained by our company, its purpose and degree through the following websites belonging to AKIN Yazilim Bilgisayar İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. on the capacity of data controller and the subdomains (subdomain. *. *) connected to these domain names; within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698,
akinsoft.com.tr, akinsoft.net, daprox.com, akinsoft.com, erpzamani.com, inovax.net, akinsoftgames.com, akinsoftmedya.com, digimarketim.com, akinsoftstore.com, akinsoftstore.net, akinsofteticaret.com, akinsofteticaret.net, akinsoftonline.com, ticaretalani.com, teknopano.com, mavigucuhissedin.com, cafeplus.com.tr, cafeplusfilter.com, cafeforumcafe.com, akinrobotics.com, roboliza.com, akinoid.com, ozgurakin.com.tr, ozgurakin.com, caddemeram.com, wolvox.com, e-mutabik.com

The websites named above are provided by AKIN Yazılım Bilgisayar İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Our company is responsible for managing personal data of users. The information contained in this article is carried out under the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.

We take the protection and confidentiality of your personal data and confidential information seriously. We take technical and administrative measures to ensure that the confidentiality of the Company is strictly respected and used only for the purposes we provide to you, while our office, our employees and our service providers fulfil their duties. It refers to any operation performed upon personal data such as collection, recording, storage, retention, alteration, re-organization, disclosure, transferring, taking over, making retrievable, classification or preventing the use thereof, fully or partially through automatic means (cookies) or provided that the process is a part of any data registry system, through non-automatic means.

Your information that you provide to us as a part of your website membership, in addition, information obtained through cookies and similar methods during your purchase of goods and services; may be used, transmitted, transferred, recorded indefinitely or in due time, stored in printed / magnetic archives, shared and updated aimed at provision of various goods and services and all kinds of information, advertisement, promotion, sales, marketing, electronic and other commercial social communications for membership applications by us, our partners, current and future subsidiaries, affiliates, joint ventures, shareholders, business partners, successors, our partner companies and other third parties operating in the country or abroad (our suppliers of services including, but not limited to, our law and tax advisors, banks and independent auditors, that we can collaborate with in order to provide you service) or the third parties and organizations determined by those and the personal information contained in articles 5 and 6 of the Act may be processed. In addition, additional permissions may be required for certain applications and procedures if required by the relevant legislation, including the Law. In such cases, you will be contacted and your clear consent will be requested. In addition to these data, in cases where the personal data you provide to us are required by law, official institutions / organizations may be forwarded to the relevant authorities and courts if requested by the courts.

Your personal information may be used on our websites by us or our affiliates, in case you have given permission, aimed at users interests and preferences, facilitating the use of website, reporting, modeling, credit card and membership applications, store card, advertising, promotion, marketing, sales, any kind of informing, product-service offer in order to provide a better and improved service to you. Your movements on the website can be tracked, recorded with cookies and similar methods and used for statistical purposes or for the above mentioned purposes. In addition, we would like to emphasize that the information entered on our website, the purchase of our products or services and the information for updating purposes, and the confidential information of credit and debit cards cannot be viewed by other internet users.

Your personal data can be stored for the period of time required for processing purposes. If there is no other justification or legal reason, the absence of international laws or regulations and the necessity of the contracts, then your personal data, whose purpose of processing is eliminated, is deleted, destroyed or anonymous. In case there is no other justification or legal reason, absence of international law or regulation, the elimination of obligations arising from contracts, your personal data that have no longer processing purposes will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized. If the internet sites of our company contain links to other websites based on the nature of the situation, we make no commitment to ensure that the operators of these sites are in compliance with the data protection provisions. Our company is not responsible for the contents of the websites that it connects to by links or other similar methods.

Pursuant to Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698; you have claim to learn whether your personal data has been processed, or to ask for information if your personal data is processed, learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used appropriately, to know the third parties in which your personal data is transferred domestically or abroad, request to be notified of any third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred in connection with requesting correction of your personal data and processing of your personal data, although it has been processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the relevant legislation, it is necessary to request the deletion or destruction of personal data in case the reasons that need to be eliminated, and to request that the transaction made in this scope be notified to the third parties where your personal data is transferred, object to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems and you have right to claim damages if you incur losses due to the violation of your personal data. As personal data owners, if you submit your requests regarding your rights we have just mentioned to our company by these methods, our company will conclude it free of charge and as soon as possible according to the quality of the request within 30 days at the latest. However, if the transaction requires a separate cost, the fee set by the Personal Data Protection Board may be charged.

In accordance with the article 13, paragraph 1 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, you can submit your requests to our Company regarding the exercise of your aforementioned rights in written form or by means of any other methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board. Because of the fact that the Personal Data Protection Board has not determined a method at this stage, you must submit your applications to our Company in written form, in pursuance of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. In order to exercise your above-mentioned rights, you can submit your request to which includes your necessary identification information and your explanations regarding the specific right you request to exercise among the rights in the Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and informed to you by the text hereby; by filling in the form and delivering a signed copy of the form to the Head Office address of our company directly by hand with your identity documents personally, via notary public, through other methods set out in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, or you can send the related form to our hukuk@akinsoft.com.tr e-mail address.

Our company accepts your demand on upon your demand or decline it with describing the reason and inform the related person by an electronic environment or written form. In case of your demand accepted at the application, actions what is necessary will be made by our company. In your application, if the mistake is made by our company, your payment will be refunded. For the detailed information you can visit the web site of the Institution of Protection of Personal Data. Our website has cookies helping us to automatically get information like IP Address, web browser being used, the operating system in your computer, your internet connection, information about website usage. Relevant cookies are the text files transmitted to your hard drive from the server of a web page, and cookies in our web page, not used to send viruses that can be considered harmful for your computer. By mostly hiding at your computer, with the way of recording operations we made in our website, the clicking numbers during the visit, cookies are mostly used to get statistical information about; in what time period, how many people use it for how long time, for what purposes, how many times a person visited and how long time did a person spendid on web site and, to help to produce dinamically advertisement and contents at users web pages. You will be considered as confirmed the cookies by using our webpage. Company, can process your data by using related cookies and can share with the third parties domestic and abroad within this context, for the purpose of analyzing the obtained information. You can always change your selection from your browser settings if you want to view our website without datas being collected by the cookies. Please do not forget that when you disable the cookies, some specifications of all kinds functions may not work properly.

By visiting our websites, you accept and aware of processing your personal data you provided to us pursuant to the Law and hereby the Law No. 6698 Regarding Protection of Personal Data and for the mentioned puposes and besides, you declare that the obligation of disclosure is fulfilled under the Law and hereby the Law No. 6698 Regarding Protection of Personal Data, you have read and understood the contract, and are aware of your rights and obligations.