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Usage Areas

Cyber Cafes, Restaurants, Billiards Halls, Game Centers


Computer, Vision, Kitchen, PlayStation, Billiard and Fast Food


Program Essentials
* Print Ticket
* Staff Record and Permissions
* Bonus System
* Authorization System
* Multi Server Function
* Alarm In Power Failures
* Track Accounting Transactions
* Track Members, Customers, Stocks

Supported Languages
English, Turkish

Program Compatibility
* Full compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP

Prices Calculate Price

Module Name List Price Campaign Price
35,00 $ 35,00 $
PlayStation / Billiard
10,83 $ 10,83 $
10,83 $ 10,83 $
10,83 $ 10,83 $
10,83 $ 10,83 $
Extra PC - Table - PS
Module Contents
2,00 $ 2,00 $
Module Contents
Per PC
2,00 $ 2,00 $

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Download & Install Information (AKINSOFT CafePlus)

Install Information: Download the setup file first and then extract zip file into temporary directory using applications like Winzip. After extracting please run the setup.exe.

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